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2021 | AUG.

Playing a part in helping businesses select just the right location in Central Florida is always a sense of joy for Quest's Leasing team. It was especially gratifying to see one of our established tenants - El Cilantrillo Restaurant - open their third location last week.

Owner Hiram Turull at ribbon cutting ceremony at Promenade at Florida Mall restaurant


Owners Dianne and Hiram Turull have already enjoyed success at their original Vine St. location in Kissimee, and then with their expansion to Quest-managed Conway Centre in Orlando. This third location, in another Quest-managed center - Promenade at Florida Mall - enabled the Turulls to expand into a larger space to better serve their loyal customers, as well as visiting tourists.

It is the superb quality and artistic flair of their impressive dishes that enabled Dianne and Hiram to not only survive the harsh reality of Covid, but actually flourish. With Insta-worthy dishes that will feed the senses as much as the stomach, and an inviting atmosphere to enjoy them in, El Cilantrillo has the perfect recipe for success! 

Collage of images for El Cilantrillo owners, restaurant and menu items