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2023 | June

Cathy Grobler of Quest Company (l) and Lei Kava founder Danielle Wuest (r) in front of their mural


One of the pleasures of managing and leasing commercial real estate is watching new Tenants customize their spaces and then open for business. In the case of Lei Kava, it was also a treat for the eyes and palate!

In late June, founders Danielle and Gary Wuest held a soft opening of Lei Kava in our Woodcreek Square center in Winter Springs. The quality of their coffees and teas is matched by the quality of their buildout. Everywhere you look, there is attention to detail set amidst a serene color palette.

In addition to the beverages and treats, Lei Kava also offers comfortable areas where you can relax, enjoy pool or darts, decompress from your day, or socialize with friends in the evening. Quest Company was proud to be a part of their journey and wish them tremendous success!